What’s Good Today?

If you get asked the question, “How are you?” what is your most likely response? Fine. Busy. Good. Or, as my daughter might say, “meh.”

If you were asked the question, “What’s good today?” what might be your response? I’m upright, I made it to work, I get to work with my team members on a great project today, etc. It’s a long weekend ahead (let’s be real, right!). A different question opens up the conversation and it helps us focus on something positive.

When we are intentional about focusing on the positive, we crowd out negative, overwhelming and stressful thoughts. This is confirmed by scientists; researchers at Vanderbilt University discovered that a core limitation of the human brain is it’s ability to focus on multiple items simultaneously.

Maybe you think this talk about positivity is too elementary and not worthy of consideration.

“Research has indicated that one of the criterion in top leaders is their ability to create positive emotion,” says clinical psychologist Dr. Jeffery Baker, in Leadercast NOW. Intentionally creating conversation around the good that is happening within your organization will have a positive impact on your team!

What if you started your meetings with a round robin of What’s Good Today? Let me know how it goes!