What will you leave behind?

Just a few days into the new year and memes everywhere are making fun of people who have already failed at their new year’s resolutions. Sometimes I think resolutions get a bad rap since so many people just throw a random goal out there with no intent of committing to it! 

Regardless of whether you’ve set resolutions, you have one word you’re focusing on this year, 3 big goals, or whatever, I have something else for you to think about. I thought about this when I was wrapping Christmas gifts while watching “Home Alone” for the 4th or 5th time!

I think it’s critical to think about what to leave behind, intentionally. 

I’m leaving behind excuses, even though I’ve had many great ones. I’m bringing forward intentional choices! What do you want to leave behind? What must stay in your past, not repeat, not do over and not come with any further into 2020? Maybe it’s worry, guilt, resentment, unrealistic expectations, unforgiveness (of someone else, or perhaps even yourself). Maybe, just maybe, you’re going to leave behind your desire to control situations that you have no control over! 

Or maybe it’s those extra pounds you gained over the holidays? (Yep, me too!)

Figure out what it is for you, why it’s important and determine one step you can take to make positive change. Then, follow through and take that step! And, keep that intention every day until you’ve gotten to where you want to be.

Just as you are leaving something behind in 2019, my hope is that you have much to embrace and pursue in 2020! New possibilities, a fresh perspective, a positive mindset, healthier habits and more. Here are a few ways I can help you: 

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Let’s make 2020 amazing!