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Nutrition or Attrition for Your Mind?

Last week, a client shared that he listened to talk radio regularly during the 2 – 3 hours a day he spent in his car. He often found himself getting frustrated and annoyed. He realized that wasn’t the best use of his time and his mind. Instead, he decided to fill his mind with  good music and inspirational audio CDs. I’m not labeling talk radio as ‘bad’ (although some of it may be!); I’m just sharing my client’s realization of how that made him think and feel and how it affected his day.

Just as you know you need to provide nutritious food for your body, our mind serves us best when we provide it nutrition. However, so much of what we consume mentally is causing attrition of our mind. Attrition is defined as “wearing away” or “weakening by persistent attack.” 

We live in a society where we are expected to keep up with the latest, the greatest, what’s in, what’s not. We are sometimes living so fast that we aren’t even aware of what may be weakening our mind because we’re set on auto-pilot. What are some ways you may be allowing the attrition of your mind?
– overconsumption of negative news
– contributing to gossip
– surrounding yourself with people who pull you down
– giving into temptations or excuses
– saying one thing and doing another
– living as a victim
– living with guilt, anger, bitterness, resentment
– negative self-talk

How can you intentionally provide better nutrition for you mind? Here are several ideas; see what makes sense for you and start implementing today:
– uplifting music
– inspirational reading, audios and videos (there are hundreds of free inspirational messages on youtube – email me for ideas!)
– silence/reflection
– prayer and worship
– spend time focusing on gratitude (take it a step farther and start a gratitude journal)
– positive self-talk

Decide what needs to change, commit to the change and make it happen. You can do it! And, if you need some accountability along the way, email me, because I’m here to help!