The Mindset Revolution

What do you get when you bring people together from the all over the US, London, Trinidad, Nigeria and more (!) to learn about the mindsets that matter? You get bright sparks of creativity, ongoing doses of brilliance, dream teams and unthinkable energy and synergy.

What is this mindset revolution?

There is a mindset revolution happening throughout the world and I’m all in to help lead the revolution! What started as a mindset revolution to teach teens about the mindsets that lead to a life of fulfillment and success is now coming to the workplace! I’m in Orlando to get certified as a 7 Mindsets trainer … what an amazing experience!

We have adults and teens here from over a dozen different countries and numerous states! The collaboration, idea generation and learning is incredible. The 7 Mindsets challenge each of us to live our ultimate life and make the world a better place. Many adults are at this Ultimate Life Summit to bring the 7 Mindsets into their schools (including my two new friends, a principal and a counselor from the West Fargo middle schools!) while my mission is to bring the 7 Mindsets to the business world.

This is infiltrating Red River Valley in a big way. There are numerous organizations bringing the 7 Mindsets to our region. What is this all about and how did this revolution ever reach the Red River Valley? Check out the video and the blog article below for more info:

 Stephanie Johnston interview

Project-Mindset article

 What those links don’t mention is the initiative to roll this training and coaching out to the business world. Through NDSU’s Executive Education Program, we will offer the 7 Mindsets at Work to leaders at any and all levels. We are working on event dates and will keep you posted!

Any questions or comments, please contact me!

Until then, be the master of your mind, rather than at the mercy of your mind!