The gift of a compliment

Today at True North Church, both the message and the music were powerful once again. When the worship team sang “I Speak Jesus,” it was SO moving … yes, to the point of tears and goosebumps! After the service, I saw Amanda, one of the worship team members, and I simply thanked her for sharing her beautiful voice. Her eyes lit up and she seemed surprised and delighted to receive the compliment, so I gushed a bit more about how amazing her voice is, and then she said she was getting goosebumps. I told her that seemed appropriate since her singing gives me goosebumps.

Such a simple compliment, but it sparked such a fun conversation.

I’d like to say I always tell people when I’m amazed at their talent, courage, humility, skill, transparency, or whatever, but I don’t always take the extra moment to say the words. What if I shared more compliments more freely? What if you did too?

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