The Butler did it

Maybe the Butler did it. But what if he didn’t and it’s just a set-up? Wouldn’t that change the game of Clue if set-ups were an option? That would definitely make it more like a reality board game.

It is really fascinating to watch a news story unfold after someone made a mistake, dropped the ball or didn’t do their due diligence. What follows is typically a lot of finger-pointing. That is, unfortunately, the society we live in. There is finger pointing and blame; rarely do you see people owning their choices!

One of the mindsets critical to our well-being, our success, and the success of our workplaces, is choosing to be 100% Accountable. This is in direct opposition to this worldly notion of blaming others for our choices and our decisions. This is the coach who takes just as much responsibility for the loss of a game as the players do. This is the leader who takes the backlash for a decision made by one of her staff members.

Being 100% Accountable means we are taking ownership of all that we do … and all that we don’t do. We own our choices. We let go of what no longer serves us well — bad habits, guilt, worry, perfectionism, micromanagement, and more.

The freedom that is found when you embrace this mindset is pretty amazing. That comes when you fully realize that you are not bound by your past, and you can choose happiness, fulfillment and success, each and every day.