The best return on investment ever

When I tell you that workshops can be life-changing, I sincerely believe it because people just like you have told me it’s true. My jaw dropped recently when I was invited out to coffee by a business owner. The business owner, “John,” had sent his manager to a session to introduce him to the 7 Mindsets. Shortly after this session, I received an email from John indicating that his manager had undergone such a transformation since attending the 7 Mindsets workshop that I had to hear it for myself.

We met for coffee, and I was astounded. He didn’t know what actually ‘clicked’ or the precise moment things ‘clicked’ for him, but this was the end result:

“LIFE CHANGING!!!  Teresa Lewis opened my mind to a successful new outlook, not only for my work life but also my personal life.  Before attending Teresa’s seminar I was conquered by my fears, doubts, and personal demons, but with the 7 Mindsets she introduced me to, I have turned a corner in both my career and personal life.  Thanks Teresa, you showed me the path to a brighter future!”     “Ryan” the manager

And here’s what “John,” the business owner, had to say:

“Teresa’s seminar was the best return on investment that I have ever spent for training. A mere $70 event transformed the way one of my key personnel looked at life and, in turn, his career. I have a happier, more committed, more effective employee because he is now living by the principles taught at Teresa’s seminars.”   “John” the business owner

Embracing the mindsets that matter are nothing short of life changing. Ryan experienced that impact at a half-day session; imagine what will happen at the 7 Mindsets Two-Day Summit! At the Two-Day Summit, we’ll dig deep into the mindsets that can change YOUR life.


Action step: Take some time to reflect: If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be? What would that change do for you? How committed are you to making it happen?