The 48 Hour Rule

You know that momentum helps achieve results. When you lose momentum, projects stall, creativity is stifled and future results are jeopardized. The “48 hour rule” is one one way for you to keep momentum going.

If you operate with the 48 hour rule in mind, you follow-up or take action within 48 hours of the opportunity, idea or instinct to act. You make a plan to act within 48 hours after interest has been established. After 48 hours momentum is lost. Distractions abound. New problems are vying for your attention.

Have you ever left a meeting with great action plans but on the way to your office, you got side-tracked? Then a customer called, then it was lunch time, then … time slips away and the excitement is gone and momentum is lost. 

Have you ever had a thought to call someone that you hadn’t seen for months? Take action and make the call! You might be just the person they need to hear from.

Commit now to taking action within 48 hours. It can be one step in that direction; it doesn’t have to involve a huge undertaking. Just one step can keep the momentum going.  Let’s visit and see how I can help you create momentum in your life!