The best way to know how Teresa will impact your team or audience is hearing what Teresa’s clients have to say:

“The monthly meetings hold our team accountable for their attitudes, actions and choices. Teresa has given us tools to help us be more mindful of our actions and responses to the world around us.” Kirk Anton, Heat Transfer Warehouse

“Teresa made the session fun and impactful. I recommend her trainings for any organization looking to improve their team and long term results.” Richard Byers, Food Services of America

“WOW! What can be said of Teresa, she is a very passionate person with a fire to change the world with the humility to accept that making a positive change in one person will have an impact on the world.
Teresa delivered her topics (via interactive video) across four states, 30 different sites and up to 130 participants. She managed the challenge of distance delivery like a master. Her personality, passion, and knowledge make her a masterful presenter.” Brian Fuder, Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute

“Thank you so much for an incredible day and information that will impact our lives like nothing before.” Julie T, audience member

“Thank you so much for being part of otmomLIVE! One of our goals was for our attendees to leave inspired, motivated to do something new or change something in their life. You hit that goal out of the ball park! THANK YOU!” Sheri Stockmoe, on the minds of moms

“Over a year ago, you were the lunch speaker at an association meeting. Little did I know how valuable or should I say “priceless” those moments would be. What I took away was about positive attitude.  On my drive home I made a decision to change how I thought. Little changes led to big changes in my mindset, and I’ve been able to handle what life has thrown my way, and it’s been a lot. I know that God sent you into my life at just the right time to help me with these next chapters in my life.” Sandy M., audience member

“Teresa presented a session for our insurance industry conference on the 7 Mindsets. The 7 Mindsets is a topic that can be related to any industry, walk of life or age group. Teresa was able to show us how to apply the 7 Mindsets into our every day life whether it be at home, work or our life in general in a real and fun way. Our attendees rated it as one of the best sessions they had attended. Can’t wait to be able to have others hear her message.” Jan Johnson, TCI Insurance

“I have had the pleasure of listening to Teresa present on several different occasions at several different venues. I always leave feeling inspired and ready to implement the take-away that connects with me. I am particularly impressed with Teresa’s 7-Mindset’s presentation and how she has taken this a step further to connect it with faith and the truths we find in the bible. Teresa is genuine, articulate, knowledgable and passionateabout what she does. I look forward to hearing her speak again.” Jessica Hoppe, Alerus Bank

“Every time I see and connect with Teresa, she lights up the room and brings joy to everyone! She is a powerful person who has so many wonderful strengths. She connects with her audiences,inspires them and genuinely cares about everyone around her. She is confident in who she is and has so much knowledge and passion to share with others! Thank you for leading by example in every area of your life Teresa!” Lisa Graalum, Rebuilding Together

“Thank you so much for presenting at our NOSHA membership meeting. I have gotten a lot of positive feedback from your inspirational speech on the 7 mindsets, a life changing revolution. I am very impressed with the professional way you presented the topic, putting up with food interruptions didn’t seem to bother you. I can tell you are definitely practicing the 7 mindsets in your life every day. You are a very inspiring speaker and I will recommend you to other groups and businesses when the opportunity arises. Thanks again! You Rock!” Rick Else, NOSHA Board Member

“The 7 Mindsets is a forward thinking, accountable and amazing concept. I look forward to continued growth! What a team of presenters!” Chad Dohlen, Volt Workforce Solutions

“Mark and Teresa are powerful speakers, dynamic and real. I loved the insight, the tools and in particular the positive message of this summit. My favorite part of any seminar is sharing, but it is usually the surface stuff. Mark and Teresa and the other participants offered a safe environment to learn and grow.” Melanie Elsner, Concorde General Agency

“Very inspirational! Reminds me how good it feels to be around other good, positive people. I feel more joy — enlightened.” Linda McCaw, NDSU

“Teresa is so inspiring and positive and it is clear that she practices what she preaches! Mark’s story is so neat and he is passionate about this stuff! They had a great dynamic and they were able to shift my perspective and help me understand how to apply the 7 Mindsets.” Amanda Maslowski, Volt Workforce Solutions.

“It was an inspirational training personally and professionally. Very thought provoking.” Geri Langseth, SENDCAA

“I was not looking forward to a three hour training, but the 7 Mindsets training went above and beyond my expectations. You made it so worthwhile! Thank you for keeping us motivated and inspired!” anonymous audience member

“Our team met after the workshop and did a debrief and wrote down and committed to one of the take-aways. My team plans to email you also. Thank you for giving us a different way to approach things. After our debrief, there was so much positive energy going on in the office. It made a difference in our interactions with our clients. See you at the next session!” Gail Jordahl 

“Take time to invest in yourself. You so deserve it. You will be glad you did. The workshops have been transformational for me.” Dennis Seeb, CPA

“You gave a beautiful presentation and everyone commented on what a great speaker you were.  Your topic was very interesting and timely for our group.  Your passion for your business shows and I admire your ability to public speak so effectively.” Gail Reierson, Lutheran Social Services

“Teresa has helped us take our business to another level. She helped us “chunk down” everything that needed doing and then was very helpful on the implementation. I have also had her work with my store manager so that we could all move up to another level. It has helped our time management by creating systems and more importantly our profitability.” Debby Jaeger, The UPS Store (1402 13th Ave S. Fargo)

“I’ve made more positive changes in the past two months than I had made in the past 10 years. This is really valuable.”  Brian Jones, Card Care Systems

“I have participated with a small business owners group with Teresa as well as doing some one-on-one sessions. What I like most is that she helps keep me focused on making sure I follow through and remain accountable to myself for helping my business grow in the right direction.”   Chris Buckingham, MinnDak Computer

“As a small business owner, the retreats have been a valuable investment for me personally and professionally!  The retreats allowed me to focus on the goals we wanted to achieve and challenges we faced. The quarterly retreats provided the atmosphere to reflect, plan and work on my business for growth and progress!  The intimate group dynamics provided a wonderful platform to network and learn from others.  The take away from each retreat gave me a proactive plan versus a reactive distraction to a crisis.” Autumn Hareland,  Agassiz Chemical and Equipment

“Thank you so much for spending the afternoon with us yesterday. It went very well and you kept us engaged for the full two hours. The interaction was great, it was almost like they were craving interaction with each other, I just hope they carry that enthusiasm back with them to their other employees.”  Bank President

“I am so glad I signed up for this. I have been more productive in the last few days than I have been most of my life!”

“I just wanted to tell you that yesterday was AWEsome!  The group was really open and receptive to all the information and each other. And YOU created that environment! The day was fabulous. I’m so glad I’m part of it.”

“Excellent presentation! Really makes you think about your daily activities and how you get aligned with your priorities.”

 “Thank you for presenting at the Northern Plains Conference on Aging & Disability. We received wonderful evaluations and your contribution helped make it a success! Your opening keynote was so valuable!”

“You received some of the highest ratings we get from speakers!”

“I would give you an A+ for your presentation.  You were intentional about bringing people into the discussion. Thank you for the great day and we look forward to you coming and meeting with us again.”

“We have had all positive feedback from the meetings!  They thought you were great!  We will for sure get you back in here again!  Thanks again for coming in and for the great job!  You are a rock star!”

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