Start Strong in 2013

Which describes you?

1) Super excited to embark on an amazing year

2) Trying to find the motivation to get started

3) Already beating myself up for not starting 2013 the way I intended.

Wherever you are at, YOU CAN DO IT! Read below for how to start strong and stay strong in 2013.  

What if this year is different? What if this is the year you really live with intention and purpose instead of merely reacting to everything around you? If you’ve committed to change for 2013 (and taken action), congratulations! If you haven’t quite gotten around to thinking about your future, your goals, or dreams, don’t despair!

 It’s never too late to start! 

 Take time to reflect and learn from your past. What worked well? What are you most grateful for? What didn’t work so well? What lessons did you learn? What really needs to change?

Take time to dream about your future. If you could generate change in 3 areas of your life in 2013, what changes would they be? Why is that important? How would you feel if that happened? What is at stake if change doesn’t happen?

If you want different results, commit to something different! Maybe you need to go to bed earlier and get up earlier. Do you need more discipline in your life? Do you need to give up excuses and blame? Maybe you need to take ownership for your life and your actions. Maybe you simply need to get motivated to do what works for you and keep doing it over and over again. Maybe you need to say ‘no.’ Maybe you need to ask for help.

How can I help you get to where you want to go?

  • Personal mindset coaching – It’s focused on you and your specific situation. See what Erica from The UPS Store on 13th Ave has to say about it.
  • Success Mindset Retreats – Be a part of a small group of progressive, like-minded people. We meet once a quarter to keep you challenged and hold you accountable.
  • Business Bootcamp Series – 10 workshops over 12 months to help you (and your team) elevate your results! Attend as many as you like! Find out why you should consider attending here.

Let’ talk about how I can help you today!