Proactive. Reactive. Relentless.

Sure, you strive to be proactive. However, given the pace at which you live and work, you may find yourself in a reactionary mode. And, on occasion, you may struggle if what’s coming your way seems relentless.

How can you manage this and be successful even when you can’t always be proactive?

A few weeks ago at a 7th grade basketball tourney, the opposing team came out so strong that the only word to describe their team was ‘relentless.’ My daughter’s team usually has a chance to be proactive and set up the plays but there was nothing but a relentless oppression the entire game. We ended up losing the game, but our girls worked hard and learned some lessons! In fact, last Saturday, our team chose to come out in a ‘relentless’ fashion; they never backed down, never slowed down and they enjoyed a sweet victory!

What describes your life most accurately? Proactive? Reactive? Relentless?

Proactive. Certainly you know that being proactive is a great way to work smarter. Being proactive requires a bit of planning, preparing and anticipating, and this is something successful people do often.

• Action: Figure out what’s most important and make time for what’s most important

Reactive. Through my one-on-one coaching, I’ve heard many people share that they attempt to be proactive, set the plan for the day and then, 30 minutes into the day, the plan is out the window. Instead, they are putting out fires and simply reacting. What we learn, though, is that what’s coming up may be urgent matters, but sometimes not important.

• Action: Distinguish between the urgent and the important; and get intentional about how you will respond when things happen outside of your control.

Relentless. Relentless can be good if you are on the offense. But, what if the pace of your life is relentless and you don’t know how much more you can take? You can work at that pace for short periods, but a long journey on the receiving end of relentlessness leads to burnout, failed relationships and declining health.

• Action: Face reality and be honest with yourself that something needs to change.

Wherever you are at right now, if it feels like it’s not working, commit to finding a solution. I’d love to be a part of your solution and get you back on the right path. Contact me to see how I can help or check out our upcoming events to see if there is a fit for you!