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Life by Design

In a world full of complexity, competing demands and occasional chaos, it’s easy to let life pass you by. That changes once you get intentional about your life and your choices every day. At the heart of the challenge is figuring out what you can control, and taking control of it. Equally as important is letting go of that which you can’t control. This inspirational session can change your life if you let it – at work, at home, in every aspect. This session is based on Teresa’s book, Life by Design, which makes a great gift for your audience members!

Control What You Can; Let Go of the Rest!

Control is an interesting phenomenon; we dread feeling out of control, we fear being controlled by others, and we work really hard to try to control other people. During this presentation, participants will learn:* What the illusion of control means* Steps to take control of those things that you can control, in all areas of your life* How to quit wasting precious time and energy worrying about things outside of your control* Ways to take accountability for your actions and your results

The 7 Mindsets For Success

The 7 Mindsets are truly a life changing revolution. The 7 Mindsets are based on a multi-year, multi-million dollar research project. To determine what sets successful, happy, influential people apart from the rest, the co-creators researched the research, read the landmark books, analyzed the ultra-successful and conducted hundreds of interviews. They arrived at the conclusion that it is the way people think – 7 mindsets in particular. Without the right mindset, skill loses its impact. With the right mindset, the course of a person’s life can change. We teach these principles through interactive programs, engaging curriculum, and a variety of digital solutions. The information has been organized into language that is highly engaging, easy to understand, and oriented toward driving positive change through intentional action in your life.In an hour, we share an impactful high level overview that can truly be life-changing. In a two or three hour workshop, we allow time for group interaction and great conversation. In a half-day session, we introduce you to all the mindsets and how to incorporate them at work and at home.In a one or two-day event for your business (or your community), we dive into this transformational program and become immersed in each of the 7 Mindsets. Learn how to master and sustain the 7 Mindsets to maximize your potential and be inspired to live your life filled with passion, happiness, and extraordinary success.

Turning Up Your Joyful Meter

When my teenage daughter told me to “turn my joyful meter down,” I decided to not only ignore her advice, but to share that message with others as well! You will leave this session energized and ready to live with intention. In this session, I create a compelling case for joy and help you re-discover what brings you joy and how to keep your ‘joyful meter’ at maximum capacity.

Leadership from Within; Reigniting the Passion

We all have numerous leadership roles; at work, at home, in our communities and in service organizations. With so many demands on our time, how can we be inspired to lead and be an effective role model in all areas of life? Get refreshed and reignited in this session as we commit to setting our standards higher and letting go of self-sabotage.

Working Smarter, Not Harder

Even with the best intentions, clutter, complexity and commitments can get in our way and hold us back.  We know there’s got to be a better way, but we just haven’t figured it out. How do some people seem to juggle it all, seemingly with ease? In this presentation, you will have an opportunity to:* Face reality with those bad habits that are holding you back* Discover practical steps to help focus on what really matters* Learn how to align your actions with your priorities* Identify pitfalls to avoid* Leave refreshed, re-focused and re-energized to tackle the increasing demands on your time

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