Mindset #1: Everything is Possible

The Everything is Possible mindset is about dreaming big, embracing creativity, thinking positive and expecting great things. With this mindset we are no longer limited by what has happened in the past, our own limiting beliefs or our present reality.

The challenge with embracing this mindset is that we’ve faced failure, rejection and unfulfilled dreams. Because of that, we tend to think that the dreams are not worth pursuing, or it’s not possible for me. Think back to when you were in kindergarten … everything really was possible, right? The sky was the limit! As we grow up, we are beaten down with negative messages, difficult life lessons and our own destructive self- talk. Eventually we buy into the notion that not very much is possible and we should settle and lower our expectations. 

Do you dare to dream again? Maybe you want to start a business, mend a damaged relationship, find a fulfilling job, achieve restored health, be an answer to someone else’s prayers. Whatever your dream is, you do your part, let God do His! Your job is to lean into the notion that it is possible, and don’t worry about the “how.” If we have every step of the way figured out, there is no room for miracles. Every step creates momentum, so just take the next step toward your dreams. At the Two-Day Summit, we’ll dive more into this mindset and the other six mindsets that matter most.

Action step: Take a few minutes for some quiet time in the next few days and allow yourself to dream. Start with “What if …” and fill in the blanks.