An Everything is Possible Mindset

Have you ever prayed a prayer without having any idea how it might happen? You have a hope or a dream, yet you have no idea how things will all work out. Trusting in that hope, believing in that dream, and taking steps forward in faith is the faith we all strive to have. It’s also an example of an “Everything is Possible” mindset.  A great deal of research indicates that our mindset is critical to how we handle the ups and downs of life. Our mindset matters. There are 7 specific mindsets that are most critical to our happiness and success; mindset #1 is “Everything is Possible.”

If you have young kids in your life, you see how they embrace this mindset. The sky isn’t even the limit; they believe in possibilities and crazy dreams. Thinking back to your younger days, you probably thought the sky was the limit, you could be anything you wanted to be and you could change the world. Then, over time, life happened. Well-meaning parents, teachers and coaches may have even squelched those dreams to protect you from disappointment.

Yet, no matter what, you still experienced disappointments, obstacles and failure. Things didn’t go as planned. You eventually bought into the notion that there was a definite limit to what is possible for you and your future. And, maybe you’ve settled, or even became complacent.

How can we have a mindset of “Everything is Possible” when life has taught us that everything is not possible? First of all, trust in the word of God. In Matthew 19:26, Jesus looked at them and said, “”With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” What if you realized that through your own means you are limited, but with God, everything is possible? Have you ever had those times where you feel like you’re up against the impossible? Think about those times where you feel like you can’t see any solution, any relief. Most of us have been there; maybe it’s only been a brief period, or perhaps it was a long dry spell when you felt as if you were in a desert, like the Israelites. Time and time again, God proved he would provide for them in miraculous ways. What if you truly believed God will do the same for you?

Let’s look at how we can shift our perspective to adopt more of an “Everything is Possible” mindset:

  • Instead of envisioning the worst case scenario, or everything that could go wrong, what if you pictured the best case scenario? What if you trusted in God’s word and God’s promises?
  • Allow yourself to dream again. Maybe you’ve had a burning desire to start a nonprofit, mend a broken relationship, finish college or become a foster parent. Let yourself dream without putting limits on the dream based on what has happened in the past.
  • If God planted a dream in your heart, He also has a plan for how it will come to pass (He just may not have told you yet). Your job is not to worry about “how” it will work out.
  • Your job is to simply take a step toward the dream. After taking that step, you then take the next step. Along the way, God will open and shut doors, so just pay attention to what signs He gives you. Every step creates momentum.
  • Dig into your Bible to learn about and remind yourself of the signs of God’s presence and miracles performed by Jesus. God is unchanging and everlasting; He can and still does work miracles! Trust in that knowledge.

“Everything is Possible” is mindset #1 of the 7 Mindsets that lead to happiness, success and fulfillment in life. Keep up to date on opportunities to learn more about the mindsets on Teresa’s Facebook page.