Life by Design: Lessons I’ve learned
on my journey to help you with yours.

When you live life by design, you live life on purpose. It’s no longer about getting through it … it’s about living life fully and using your talents and gifts to positively impact the world. That is the inspiration behind the insights shared in “Life by Design.” You’ll relate to my stories, and be encouraged and challenged by the lessons I’ve learned.

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praise for Life by Design

  • “Teresa Lewis has written a remarkable book that answers the questions we all have about how to live our best life. The only thing better than reading Teresa’s book is listening to her speak about it.”

    Scott Shickler, Bestselling Author & Cofounder, The 7 Mindsets

  • “Teresa Lewis is well known on the speaking platform encouraging her audiences to make changes and adjustments to their busy and chaotic lives, slowing the pace to live more intentionally and on purpose. This book is a fabulous companion piece for those who hear her on stage and a perfect introduction for others who have not yet had the chance to hear her live.”

    Renee Rongen, International Inspirational Speaker, Award-Winning Author and Life Strategist

  • “Simply brilliant. With this book, Teresa Lewis has done what very few can. She succinctly communicates the opportunities we all have to improve the design of our lives, make the most of our circumstances and move forward toward our goals, dreams and aspirations. If your desire is to take your life to the next level, the stories, humor and wisdom printed on these pages are all you’ll need. Read this book, share it with your friends … in doing so, you’ll change the world.”

    Mark J. Lindquist, Motivational Speaker

  • “Teresa Lewis has shared her journey, along with the lessons she has learned that are both real and relatable. This book will inspire you to live life more intentionally and find more peace along the journey. Whether you’re dreaming big dreams or you are looking for a resource to help you get to a better place, this book is for you!”

    Missy Ohe, The Ohepen Mind