Just trying to get through the holidays?

‘Tis the time of year where calendars are a little too full, to-do lists are long and you might feel a bit drained. You’ve probably even said, “If I can just get through the holidays …”  Do you really just want to “get through” the holidays? We talk about how quickly the days and months go, yet here we are, wishing away this beautiful holiday season.

The reality is that the holidays can stress our mental, physical and emotional well-being. Sugary treats beckon us at every turn, the cold weather makes us more likely to grab more coffee and less water, we get less fresh air, less sleep and we have a tendency to over buy and over spend. All of that can stress us out in more ways than one! See what I mean? After all of that, I’m thinking I just want to “get through” the holidays!

Let’s take a step back and consider some ways we can avoid that mentality.

Think of all that is on your plate (literally and figuratively); how many commitments give you the feeling of an obligation rather than an opportunity? What can you decline in order to save your sanity? What should you say yes to in order to keep your cup full? What healthier choices can you make for your body, mind and soul? Let’s take a look at some helpful reminders:

– Slow down; focus on why you are doing what you do … why do you celebrate this season?

– Evaluate what’s on your calendar, and if you find activities that feel more like obligations than opportunities, it might be wise to say decline those ‘obligations’

– Say yes to what inspires you, rejuvenates you and brings you peace

– Stick to your budget. Overspending adds unnecessary stress and you can avoid it by creating a budget and sticking to it.

– Get outside and enjoy the fresh air (yes, it is very fresh some days)

– Take time for downtime … allow silence, or grab a book, or watch a movie

– Make time for fun (planned and unplanned)

– If the temptation of sugary treats is a challenge, commit to yourself ahead of time for how many treats you will eat. When going to parties, eat something healthy ahead of time so you aren’t starving

– Do less. The perfect Christmas we see in the movies isn’t reality, so don’t set yourself up for failure by striving for perfection.

– Take time for physical activity; it’s a natural stress-reliever.

– Diffuse essential oils; many have a calming effect on your mood.

For the first year ever, our tree isn’t adorned with any ornaments. And, we’ve decided to leave it as is. It’s actually beautiful with simply the lights and an angel atop the tree. I ‘could’ stay up late to get it done, or miss out on an opportunity … however, we’ve taken the route of less work and decided to enjoy the simple beauty as it is. May you find more joy and more simplicity this season as well.