In honor of Feb 29th, 29 things to let go


You can achieve more when you let go of that which doesn’t serve you well. In honor of this 29th day of February, let’s look at 29 things to let go. Once you let go, you’ll find more balance, love, peace and happiness.

  1. the need to be right
  2. the need to be in control
  3. unforgiveness
  4. resentment
  5. bitterness
  6. anger
  7. grudges
  8. worry
  9. guilt
  10. excuses
  11. drama
  12. insecurity
  13. judgement
  14. envy
  15. fear of failure
  16. fear of success
  17. bad habits
  18. addictions
  19. comparisons
  20. the past
  21. regret
  22. selfishness
  23. your comfort zone
  24. self-sabotage
  25. entitlement
  26. negativity
  27. procrastination
  28. unrealistic expectations of yourself
  29. unrealistic expectations of others

It’s a balance of focusing on what you can control and letting go of the rest.

Learn how to get good at this on March 16th!

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