How do you get through the day?

discipline over indulgence


What does it take for you to get through the day? You know, those critical pieces of your routine throughout your day?
Thinking back to family vacations, for my mom, it was her morning coffee. My dad learned early on that it was in our best interest to make sure mom had her coffee before we even left the hotel room. He made sure it happened every morning, no matter what.
What is it for you? It is a triple espresso double shot of something? Is it a 2 hour daily dose of social media? 3 hours of mindless television every night? Is it that life-saving soda at 2:00? Or critical chocolate at 3:00?
If any of those ring a bell for you, have you ever thought there might be a better way? Have you stopped to think that maybe you are buying into exactly what society and marketing geniuses want you to believe? They want you to believe you can’t get through your day without x, y, or z … and usually x, y and z are unhealthy, addictive, all-around bad habits.

The great news is, you don’t need to give in; you are stronger than that. Peak performance doesn’t happen because of bad habits. You have everything within you to rise above, resist temptation and make better choices. You can choose today to make a change and make a new choice; I know this because I’ve seen countless people do it.
What if you chose a different route? Here are some ideas of healthier choices that will “get you through the day” and help you increase your energy and your impact:
  • a power breakfast full of nutrition
  • a run, a walk, a workout, or some form of physical activity
  • breaks away from work that include laughter, breathing exercises, stretching exercises or a brisk walk
  • connection time with family or friends
  • a focus on gratitude
  • a heart of forgiveness
  • prayer
  • time to reflect
  • water (lots and lots of water)
Choose discipline over indulgence today.
Tomorrow you’ll be glad you did.