Has anything changed yet?

Has anything

Now that we’re well into the first month of 2016, how is it going? Has anything changed?

We tend to think that things will somehow be different now that a new year has started. We think it will be easier to adopt new habits and shed the old. We think it will be easier to take better care of ourselves. We think it will be easier to follow through. All because we flipped the calendar.

It doesn’t work that way. Goals only work when you do the work. Resolutions only work with a firm commitment to follow through. It takes discipline. Maybe you started strong for a day or two, then you didn’t feel like persevering. Discipline is about moving toward your goals regardless of how you feel in that moment. We are capable of more; you are capable of more.

Four things to consider when making a change are why, what, next steps and obstacles. Find out more about these four considerations in my interview on  North Dakota Today.

The most effective goals and resolutions don’t happen on January 1st. In fact, you could decide right now that today is the day. You are turning a corner; you are setting yourself up for success and you are willing to be disciplined to make it happen. How about that? Decide today. Then next week, you can look back and say, “Yes, something has changed!” You can do it. One day at a time.