Getting unstuck at work

Maybe it’s just the lure of summer. Maybe it’s the distractions of vacation. Or, maybe you are feeling stuck and have been feeling stuck for some time. Here are a few quick tips to help get you unstuck.

Tips to get unstuck at work:

1) Read and/or listen to 30 minutes of inspiration each day for 2 weeks

There are thousands of TED talks to inspire, inform and challenge your thinking. Find them at There are hundreds of inspirational authors who have made their work available on youtube. No time to add anything more to your calendar? It doesn’t need to take extra time. Listen to an inspirational youtube video as you are getting ready, driving or doing household chores. A few favorites of mine and my clients: Les Brown, Michael Hyatt, John Maxwell, Jack Canfield, Tony Robbins.

2) Take care of your body

Increase your water intake, reduce your sugar and caffeine intake, increase your physical activity, get plenty of sleep (but not too much).

3) Do a people inventory

Who are you spending time with? Are they pulling you up and encouraging you or are they dragging you down? You might be getting sucked into other peoples’ drama unnecessarily. Spend more time with people who inspire you and give you energy.

4) Set a big goal

Make it a goal that is meaningful to you. Tell your close friends who will support you and encourage you. Then, take steps toward that goal every day.

5) Change your routine

We are creatures of habit and often, that can serve us well. However, if you are looking to get unstuck, switch things up a bit. Experiment with a new restaurant for lunch, volunteer, to go a networking event you’ve never attended, invite a new friend to coffee.

* Disclaimer: These tips only work if you implement them! Intentions are irrelevant; action is critical.