Epic fail?

A few months ago, I announced to a few hundred people that my goal was to finish writing my book (yes, my first one!) by 12/31/14. Guess what? It’s January 8th, and my book is not done. Some might consider that an epic fail … a lack of discipline…no commitment. I consider it an intentional choice and I’ll share why. I could have buried my head in my laptop and finished it on time (which was my own made-up deadline). By doing so, I would have missed some pretty memorable moments with my family. We have two teenage girls who are growing up way too fast and will be out on their own in the blink of an eye. Their holiday break from school would have been the crunch time for getting my book done. That didn’t feel right. Because I gave myself permission to delay the book, I was able to be present with my family. We had great conversations, enjoyed some precious downtime watching movies and enjoyed a slower pace over Christmas. If you consider that an epic fail, it won’t bother me a bit. The book can wait; time with my family can’t.