EP14 – Day 14: 21 Day ThanksGiving Binge

Welcome to Day 14 of the 21 Day ThanksGiving Binge!

Good health is often overlooked as a blessing until it’s gone. Maybe your health isn’t perfect, but if you can read this, you have your sight, which is a gift. There’s much in life that is outside of our control, yet every day we make hundreds of choices about how we treat our body. Treat your body well as you go about your day today – more water, good nutrition, deep breaths and be sure to incorporate physical activity. And, maybe tonight is an opportunity to give yourself the gift of more sleep; create routines leading up to bedtime that calm your mind.

Journal the journey: Devote some thoughtful time to journal about the gift of health. What commitments will you make to yourself to become even healthier?