EP10 – Day 10: 21 Day ThanksGiving Binge

Welcome to Day 10 of the 21 Day ThanksGiving Binge!

I invite you to commit an anonymous act of kindness today! There are so many options for this! Maybe you’ll drop off a gift at a friend’s door step, maybe you’ll do an outside chore for a neighbor, maybe you’ll take care of a task that isn’t your job, maybe you will write a note of encouragement and place it on someone’s windshield,  maybe you’ll buy lunch for a stranger. If you can’t be anonymous, no worries … just be sure to commit an act of kindness today! (Be sure to include the hashtag #21DayThanksGivingBinge on a note when you do your good deed.)

Please share your acts of kindness with us on Facebook!

Journal the journey: What anonymous act of kindness did you commit? How did that make you feel? Were you able to see the person’s reaction? (This isn’t about external validation, but it could be rewarding to see their reaction.)

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