EP01 – Day 1: 21 Day ThanksGiving Binge

Welcome to Day 1 of the 21 Day ThanksGiving Binge!

Are you ready to get started? There is no easing into this journey; we are going to start strong! Scientists have concluded that our brains cannot operate in a positive AND a negative state simultaneously, so we are going to ensure we are in a positive (and therefore, more productive) state all day. Gratitude is definitely a positive state, so let’s prepare ourselves for this journey. For today … ALL day today … commit to no complaining, no whining. Only positive words allowed. Then, be sure to check in on Facebook to let us know how you did!

Journal the journey: Devote at least 2 minutes to journal about whether or not today’s challenge brought awareness to your words. How did your words impact other people? Do negative words drain you? Do positive words give you energy?

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