Do you have a list like this?

While spending some time with family over the weekend, I learned something new about my daughter and my sister-in-law. They both have created a unique list. It’s a list of words that bug them. In fact, my 15 year old has even taken the time to document her rather extensive list on her phone, apparently for easy reference in case she forgets what words bug her.

Some of the words that bug her are a little surprising:  herb, eerie and beverage. Others are probably commonly annoying and not very surprising: moist, mucus, vomit … you get the picture. Do you have a list like this? Apparently lots of people do; in conversation over dinner about how moist the meat was, even my daughter’s friend piped up about how she, too, has a list of words she can’t stand. Her list included jammies!?! 

In the workplace, dozens of words and phrases are overused and cause others to cringe when you say them. At the end of the day, let’s agree to disagree, let’s think outside of the box. How much thought do you give to the words you speak?

Words have power.

Words evoke emotion.

Words build up or destroy.

Tip for today: Be intentional about the words you speak and notice the response you get from others!

Oh, and if you have a list of words that bug you, I’d love to hear about it! Comment below, email me, or connect with me on Facebook!

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