Are you busy?

What kind of busy are you? Is busy the goal? Check out these definitions and insights below …

1a:  engaged in action:  occupied  b:  being in use <found the telephone busy>

2:  Full of activity:  bustling <a busy seaport>

3:  Foolishly or intrusively active:  meddling

4:  Full of distracting detail <a busy design>

My friend, Dennis Seeb, shared this with me, and I wanted to share it with you!

Are you busy? Why do we ask people that question? Is it a true measure of success? Is it a goal we wish to obtain? Do you say “Look at Dennis. He made the big time. He is super busy!”

If you were to ask a hundred young people what they would like to be when they grow up how many do you think would answer: “I want to be busy.” 

Busy seems to equate with stress, with long hours, with being overwhelmed. Is that what we are after?

Wouldn’t you rather be blessed, or content, or fulfilled, or at peace or in a state of bliss or tranquility? If that is the case why not ask one of those questions instead?

Could it be because asking “Are you busy?” is a safe question to ask? The answers we get really provide no meaningful information.  I believe it is simply a way to interact with someone and not really connect with them.

Could it really be a reflection of our own situation? A way to keep people at a distance.  If you wish to change your outlook, to change your mindset, start by changing your words and begin to ask questions of others what we truly want for ourselves.

Awareness is the first step.

Thanks, Dennis, I agree! “Busy” seems like a badge of honor around the water cooler on a Monday morning; he who had the busiest weekend wins. Another friend shared with me years ago that her schedule isn’t busy, it is full.  May your weeks ahead be full of blessings, opportunities and abundance.