An unforgettable afternoon

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What if an afternoon could change your life? “Life-changing” isn’t a term I use lightly — I believe the experience you have on March 16 can and will change your life. You’ll look back and recall that being the day that you decided. What will you decide? I don’t know … that’s up to you, but you will decide to take a next step toward your best life, a life by design.
When you work and live life by design, you act on purpose. It’s no longer about getting through it … it’s about making the most of it. When that happens, you are living life fully and using your talents and gifts to positively impact the world. It doesn’t mean we have it ‘all’ figured out, we’re just not letting life happen to us. That’s the inspiration shared in my book “Life by Design.” This event will bring the book to life and give you a chance to reflect, dream, evaluate and move forward with purpose.
This session will positively impact you at work 
and at home … in all facets of life.
What you’ll experience:
  • a formula that is fundamental to your success
  • how the illusion of control is tampering with your results
  • two words that will help you gain clarity
  • the mindsets that matter most
  • how to elevate your engagement in work and in life
  • four questions that will help elevate your results
  • solid and practical steps to take in the next 48 hours to create momentum
Plus – you’ll receive a copy of my new book, Life by Design and the not-yet-released Thinkbook!
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Your investment in this life-changing event is $90. It will be an unforgettable afternoon!