A story about connectedness

Well, this is a pretty incredible “We Are Connected” story! About a month ago, my radio co-host, Tim, tells me he is learning Chinese. I must have looked a bit baffled, because he quickly explained why. He wants to learn the language so he can communicate with a Chinese man at the gym who doesn’t speak any English. That is pretty cool, and probably more than most of us would do. Fast forward to last night.

Last night, I was at a Cooking Club party at a new friend’s house. My new friend is Chinese, and her dad was there — sweet man, smiley, can’t speak a word of English. As our dinner begins, Kianna entertains us with conversation about her dad. She says he would like to learn English because (get this) he often sees a guy at the gym that he would like to communicate with. I just about fell off my chair as I told her about Tim … and yes, you guessed it, we realized that we now have a great opportunity to connect these two to actually have a conversation.

Kianna and her family graciously invited Tim and his wife over (and Steve and I, too!) to meet them this weekend, and of course, Kianna can facilitate the conversation! 

Isn’t that cool?? Such a great example of Mindset #3, We Are Connected. What if you reached out to more people and attempted to make a connection? As we’ve seen, you don’t even need words to make it happen! #7Mindsets