5 Ways to Calm the Chaos

The cover of Time magazine in 1983 stated that stress was the “Epidemic of the Eighties.” I’ve got a sneaking suspicious that stress levels have gotten a little higher since then. Does life have to be chaotic? Can there be calm in the midst of a full schedule?

I believe we have a choice. Here are 5 ways to create more calm and less chaos in your life:

  1. Let go of the need for perfection.Let’s “unsubscribe” to the notion that we have to have the perfect outfit, perfect hair, perfect manicure, the perfect house and a picture perfect family. I’m exhausted thinking about it. No one ever said, “I owe all my success to my mom’s clean house.”
  2. Evaluate what’s on your schedule.Get intentional with your choices and what you allow on the calendar. Regularly evaluate what’s on the schedule, especially if you are feeling overwhelmed.
  3. Evaluate what’s on your plate. What you eat and drink either fuels you or depletes you. And, it impacts your mental and emotional health and your relationships. More water, less pop, more vegies, less sugar … little changes lead to big results.
  4. Selfcare isn’t selfish.Taking time for exercise, sleep, downtime, fun, social connections and hobbies isn’t selfish. It will give you the energy to be there for others.
  5. Change your thoughts. Two people can be in the midst of the same ‘chaotic’ situation can have completely different responses to the chaos. That indicates that it isn’t the circumstance, but rather our thoughts and perceptions, that lead to chaos. Focus on the positive, focus on what you can control — yourself.

Hear more about this topic from my recent appearance on North Dakota Today. Less chaos, even in the holiday season, is do-able! If you could use help, let’s talk about 1:1 coaching.  Or, join the Mindset Mastery Series (details below). And, be sure to join us for the #21DayThanksGivingBinge starting Nov. 9th.