20 ways to ruin your day

These are time-tested, sure-fire tactics to ensure a bad day. And, as a side effect, you will ensure others around you have a bad day as well. Let’s dive right in:

  1. Dwell in the past
  2. Worry about the future, especially about things out of your control
  3. Take regular guilt trips and bring others with you
  4. Say you’ll do something but don’t follow through
  5. Complain often and frequently
  6. Judge often and frequently
  7. Don’t be accountable for your choices, just blame someone else
  8. Be a victim
  9. Adopt an entitlement mentality
  10. Deny your body any physical activity
  11. Give up (this is even more effective if you give up before you start)
  12. Eat a diet full of sugar, processed foods and beverages infused with chemicals
  13. Set a goal you have no intention of accomplishing
  14. Make sure your kids know your work is more important than they are
  15. Run around at 110 mph and create  a storm of chaos around you
  16. Speaking of storms, change your mind as the wind blows (if you lead a team, this is a classic way to drive them nuts)
  17. Don’t do as you say
  18. Let your need to be right outweigh your desire for healthy relationships
  19. Be right, all the time, about everything and make sure everyone knows it
  20. Grant full control of your emotions to other people

And, yes, that list could go on and on! As we read that list, it’s easy to think of co-workers or family members that are ‘guilty’ of the offenses. But, wait, what about …

Oh boy. What if some of those actually apply to me? I’m guessing maybe a few apply to you, as they do for me. None of us are perfect, we all have work to do to be better human beings. Let’s begin the work. Let’s make the commitment. Let’s make a positive impact, every day.

Let me know how I can help you make a positive impact!